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Airports in Angola, Airlines in Angola

Angola is a country that is slowly making its way into the tourism sector. After spending decades in civil war, this country is being visited by adventurous tourists.

The Portuguese architecture in this region, the coastline and the wildlife parks of this country are some of the principal tourist destinations.

The gateways to the international tourists for entering into this country are the airports in Angola.

The African wildlife can also be found in abundance in this country and this is one reason for the growth of the country’s tourism.Luanda is one of the airports in Angola. It is situated at a distance of 2.5 kilometers or 4 miles.

Visitors coming to this Angola international airport should either have a sponsor or use any transport service that is provided by their hotel as there is no taxi service connecting the airport to the city.

List of Top Airports in Angola
Ambriz (AZZ) Ambriz (AAZ) Andulo (ANL)
Gen V Deslandes (BUG) Cabinda (CAB) Cafunfo (CFF)
Cangamba (CNZ) Capanda (KNP) Catumbela (CBT)
Cazombo (CAV) Chitato (PGI) Cuito Cuanavale (CTI)
Dirico (DRC) Dundo (DUE) Huambo (NOV)
Jamba (JMB) Kuito (Silva Porto) (SVP) 4 de Fevereiro (LAD)
Luau (UAL) Lubango (SDD) Luena (LUO)
Lukapa (LBZ) Lumbala (GGC) Luzamba (LZM)
Malange (MEG) Menongue (SPP) Namibe (MSZ)
Ndalatandos (NDF) Negage (GXG) Ngiva (NGV)
Nzagi (NZA) Ongiva (VPE) Porto Amboim (PBN)
Saurimo (VHC) Soyo (SZA) Sumbe (NDD)
Uige (UGO) Waco Kungo (CEO) Xangongo (XGN)

The airports are facilitated with restaurant, post office, bar, currency exchange, bar and 24 hours medical facilities vaccinating for cholera and yellow fever. No departure tax is charged from the passengers. Avis car rental is the only company offering hiring services from the airport.

There are cheap flights to Angola even from London; a journey takes over 13 hours. The stops in this journey are Lisbon, Paris or Brussels.The Angola international airports are Luanda, Benguela and Cabinda. Though there are cheap flights to Angola, not all these flights are very regularly scheduled. Yet, tourists desiring to travel in cheap flights schedule their plan accordingly.

The location of Angola is very important as it lies in the South central region of Africa with a western coast along the Atlantic Ocean. This country also shares a boundary with Namibia, Zambia, and the Republic of the Congo. The most significant Angolan goods were however, diamonds and oil.

Today, this country is a democracy and is formally known as the Republic of Angola famous particularly with the numerous tourists who come from far and wide.

Airport Hotels in Angola