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Airports in Argentina , Airlines in Argentina

Argentina, this name arouses the names of Diego Maradona and the controversial ‘hand of god’ goal to many.

But there is a lot more to Argentina than just football. Argentina has some of the best tourist destinations.

Buenos Aires is the most important airport in Argentina partly due to the fact that it is also the national capital. This is a country undergoing development constantly and this is obvious in the city.

The Argentina international airports are the main entrances to the international tourists coming to visit this country. Manuel Tender Leon runs bus to the city terminal in every 30 minutes. This journey takes 40 minutes. However, the public buses are low-priced, but take two hours in reaching the city.

There are as many as 32 airports in Argentina receiving commercial flights on regular basis. There are three airports in the city of Buenos Aires namely the J. Newbury Aeropark, the Comandante Espora Aero Station and the Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport.

The most important airport among these is the Ezeiza International Airport. The other two international airports are used for connecting Argentina to the neighboring countries. The Argentina international airports are facilitated with metered taxis at the gates of the terminal buildings and car rental companies have sited their desks in the Terminal A.

List of Top Airports in Argentina
Alto Rio Senguerr (ARR) Comandante (BHI) Arpt. Jorge Newbery (AEP)
Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE) Caleta Olivia (CVI) Carmen De Patagones (CPG)
Catamarca (CTC) Caviahue (CVH) Ceres (CRR)
Charata (CNT) Oscar Reguera (HOS) Clorinda (CLX)
Colonia Catriel (CCT) Colonia Sarmiento (OLN) Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD)
Concordia (COC) Pajas Blancas (COR) Brigadier Hector Ruiz (CSZ)
Camba Punta (CNQ) Curuzu Cuatia (UZU) Cutral (CUT)
El Bolson (EHL) El Calafate (FTE) El Maiten (EMX)
El Palomar (EPA) Eldorado (ELO) Esquel (EQS)
El Pucu (FMA) General Pico (GPO) General Roca (GNR)
General Villegas (VGS) Gobernador Gregores (GGS) Goya (OYA)
Gualeguaychu (GHU) Cataratas (IGR) Ingeniero Jacobacci (IGB)
Jose De San Martin (JSM) El Cadillal (JUJ) Junin (JNI)
La Cumbre (LCM) La Plata (LPG) Capitan Vicente Almando (IRJ)
Lago Argentino (ING) Las Heras (LHS) Las Lomitas (LLS)
Loncopue (LCP) Los Menucos (LMD) Malargue (LGS)
Maquinchao (MQD) Mar Del Plata (MDQ) El Plumerillo (MDZ)

The airport features pharmacies, cafes, several shops, bars, restaurants, duty free shopping, ATMs, Bureau de change, 24 hrs bank, tourist information desk, medical service, internet access, VIP Lounge and mobile phone hire.

Cheap flights to Argentina are offered depending on the season and demand. There are domestic flights called as cabotaje. These flights connect the interior cities of Argentina and depart from Jorge Newbury AeroPark situated at a distance of 15 minutes from the city. An airport tax is compulsory on these local flights.

The presence of cheap flights to Argentina has done its fair contribution in the development of the tourism in Argentina and the tourists do not mind making their traveling schedule flexible to travel in cheap flights. However, the departure tax is charged from the passenger as US$18 international flights, regional and Uruguay US$8 and domestic P6.05.

Security tax is charged as US$2.50 for international and P1 for domestic. The international flights have to pay immigration tax of US$10.

Airport Hotels in Argentina
Buenos aires Mendoza