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Airports in Bangladesh, Airlines in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a newly formed country in the year 1971. This country faced a military rule almost for a span of 15 years and though democracy was restored in the year 1990.

The political scene is quite volatile. The airports in Bangladesh do receive lots of tourists from international nations.

Most of this country has been formed from the alluvial plain that is found in the Ganga-Brahmaputra river delta.

The Bangladesh international airports are the doorways for global tourists to enter into this country. Flooding is very normal in this region and the locals have learnt to adapt to this regular occurrence. However, excess flooding in the years of 1988, 1998 and even 2004 lead to heavy losses both in terms of life and property.

Bangladesh is mainly a flat landscape with numerous bamboo, palm and mango trees. The tourists coming to the Bangladesh international airports enjoy themselves in visiting the wildlife of the country, the principal of which is the Royal Bengal Tiger.

List of Top Airports in Bangladesh
Barisal (BZL) Patenga (CGP) Comilla (CLA)
Zia International (DAC) Ishurdi (IRD) Jessore (JSR)
Khulna (KHL) Rajshahi (RJH) Rangpur (RAU)
Saidpur (SPD) Sandwip (SDW) Shamshernagar (ZHM)
Sirajganj (SAJ) Osmani International (ZYL) Thakurgaon (TKR)

Apart from the capital city, there are airports in Bangladesh even in other cities such as Chittagong. The Dhaka International airport, known as the Zia International, is located at a distance of 20 kilometers to the north from the capital. The airport has facilities of the Biman Bangladesh coaches running regularly.

Taxi as well as bus services are frequently available to the city center. However, cheap flights to Bangladesh land at other airports such as the MA Hannan International Airport in Chittagong and the Osmani International Airport in Syhlet. But availing cheap flights to Bangladesh is not possible always.

Taxis are available in plenty, yet giving a tip of 5% is a normal practice. This practice is well-known to the passengers arriving at the international airports as well as even by the unlicensed touts and corrupt officials. It is recommended to arrange for pick-up, preferably with friends or hotel. However, the airport shows a great improvement in the recent years and looks to upgrade more.

Conversely, at present the airport features, post office, restaurants, banks and duty free shops. The airport facilitates with car hire.

Airport Hotels in Bangladesh