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Airports in Barbados, Airlines in Barbados

Barbados International airport is a modern and one of the busiest airports in the entire eastern Caribbean.

The recent reports state that the Barbados international airport handles more than 2.3 million Caribbean as well as international passengers every year.

When so many tourists come every year, there are certain individuals who only travel by cheap flights to Barbados and do not mind shuffling their itinerary depending on the availability of cheap flights to Barbados.

The first flight arrived in 1939 to Barbados. At that time it was a mere grassy airfield and the arrivals hall was just a shed. Today, it has upgraded million dollar times and this Grantley Adams International airport in Barbados is a masterpiece and is also a gateway for tourists visiting every year.

The airports in Barbados experiences lots of traffic from the daily coming direct flights. However, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and the neighboring Caribbean islands operate frequently. The recent five years has seen million upgrades in the Grantley Adams international and offers over 50% space for customs and immigration processing.

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Grantley Adams International (BGI)

In fact, the baggage claim area is twice the original size and the check in facilities is well equipped with novel technology. The arrival hall and the departure lounge have all the comforts.

Even the car park has electronic system that offers a card and the visitors are expected to pay for it in the terminal kiosks.The airports in Barbados, especially the international airport enjoys an overhaul in the layout as well as the design with excellent interior fixture as well as fittings.

The upgraded airport is quite stylish and offers up to date information regarding arrival and departure of flights. Regular bus service for every 10 minutes and taxi service for all the 24 hours is easily available. The taxi fares are government fixed.

The airport facilities are bank, foreign exchange, restaurant, bar, duty free shops, information desk and internet facilities.

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Christ church St james