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Airports in Belarus, Airlines in Belarus

Belarus was earlier known as Belorussia, the White Russia. It acquired this name after it became independent from Soviet Union in 1991.

Belarus has wide plains, scenic villages, ancient monasteries and castles, picturesque landscapes, deep forests and numerous lakes offering pleasure to nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and culture aficionados.

Owing to these excellent attractions, the Belarus international airports always have good traffic and mostly all the airports in Belarus are in great demand. The security in the airport is also good and do not show any negligence.

Belarus also comprises a distinct history and an opulent cultural heritage. It has hundreds of architectural monuments of the 12th century. The main airports in Belarus are Minsk 1 and Minsk 2. Minsk 2 is towards the east of the city centre and it is facilitated with the availability of taxis and buses from the airport.

It takes nearly 60 minutes to reach the city centre from the airport. The other facilities such as banks, bars, duty free shops, restaurants, bureaux de change, car hire, post office and nursery are featured in the airport. The Minsk 1 airport also operates flights to various destinations such as Stockholm and Kiev.

List of Top Airports in Belarus
Brest (BQT) Gomel (GME) Grodna (GNA)
Minsk International 1 (MHP) Minsk International 2 (MSQ) Mogilev (MVQ)
Vitebsk (VTB)

This airport is in use after a lengthy process of reconstruction. This Belarus international airport operates flights to other regional cities as well.Travelers can come and enjoy the attractions comfortably.

There are car rentals available at the airport and the airport has terminals for CIS countries as well as for other international flights. The ground floor is allocated for arrivals and the second floor is for departures.The currency exchange facilities are available in all the floors and the arrival hall is featured with a bank.

The tourists traveling in mid-week get an opportunity to travel economically in cheap flights to Belarus. Though, most travelers would prefer to enjoy cheap flights to Belarus, it is difficult during week ends, holidays and vacations.

The airport is facilitated with VIP lounge, internet access, souvenir shops, information desk, restaurant, bar and post office.

Airport Hotels in Belarus