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Airports in Bosnia, Airlines in Bosnia

Thinking of Bosnia, the first point that comes to mind is Yugoslav wars that wrecked the Balkan region in 1990s.

Bosnia witnessed hundreds and thousands of loss of lives, immense landmass frayed into civil combat.

Majority of the landscape of Bosnia as well as Herzegovina is perforated with mines and the rickety buildings sprawl across its various villages and towns.

However, this country, Bosnia yet remains beautiful with its meandering rivers preserving its serenity and luster. The international isolation and economic stagnation is the process of overcoming.yet it has a positive history with a mass collection of stunning old mosques to catholic shrines and amphitheatres.

This attracts many people from far and wide raising the demand of Bosnia International airports with some cheap flights to Bosnia. The countryside of Bosnia presents a varied atmosphere from woodland to rolling hills. Especially, the Mostar Bridge that is being rebuilt is of great attraction as it is the overpass of the pre-war period.

List of Top Airports in Bosnia
Banja Luka (BNX) Mostar (OMO) Sarajevo (SJJ)
Tuzla International (TZL)

None can miss such a place that is now also a symbol of its novel beginnings. Reconstruction of this bridge is worth seeing. The medieval buildings, cobbled streets and some mosques are some of the treasures that have survived the war.

Gazing at the catholic shrines, exploring the Ostrozac Castle that is in ruins, but its gardens are lovely cannot be ignored. This offers a wonderful view and Una the beautiful river cascading to the Jajce town is simply astonishing. The tourists admire the serene beauty and as a result the airports in Bosnia have traffic during vacations and holidays.

However, Sarajevo being the main Bosnia international airports, it experiences rush during week-ends as well. The airports in Bosnia include Banja Luka and Mostar receiving international flights in small numbers, while B&H Airlines is a national airline operating flights to Sarajevo Mostar and Banja Luka and also receiving flights from various other European cities.

These airlines offer cheap flights to Bosnia during off season in the mid-week days.

Airport Hotels in Bosnia