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Airports in Cape Verde, Airlines in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a series of volcanic islands situated at a distance of 500 kilometers.

Cool currents maintain the temperature of this region and the economic and political system of this region support the standard of living.

The population of this region represents descent of both the Africans and Portuguese.

The airports in Cape Verde receive flights constantly and are very efficient in handling even a big traffic. Occasionally, cheap flights to Cape Verde can be availed from certain destinations such as Lisbon, Amsterdam, Madrid, Fortaleza, Munich and even Paris.

Life is not easy for the inhabitants of Cape Verde as isolation and drought have threatened their lives causing famine such that they are forced to emigrate from this place.

List of Top Airports in Cape Verde
Rabil (BVC) Esperadinha (BVR) Vila Do Maio (MMO)
Mosteiros (MTI) Francisco Mendes (RAI) Amilcar Cabral Intl (SID)
Santo Antao (NTO) Sao Filipe (SFL) Preguica (SNE)
San Pedro (VXE)

Though hunger is not a threat to the people, every food particle is very precious to them. The airport in Cape Verde is a mile towards the south of the town. Taxis are available from the airport to transport the passengers to the towns or hotels, but they are very expensive. However, passengers can make use of the shared taxis as this is economical.

As there is not much rush for these flights, an availability of cheap flights to Cape Verde may be easily possible. The international flights land at the airports of either Sal or Praia. The flights to Cape Verde international airports come from places such as Boston, Basel and many other locations. These flights operate one or two flights a week.

Air Senegal International connects Dakar with Cape Verde. The airport of Cape Verde is well featured with a post office, auto exchange machine, bank, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, news agent, travel agent, VIP Lounge, duty free shop, gift shop, tobacconist and tourist help desk. There are adequate car rentals also available. No departure tax is collected.

The Cape Verde international airports are served by airlines such as Air Senegal International, TACV, South African Airways and TAP Air Portugal.

Airport Hotels in Cape Verde