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Airports in Lebanon, Airlines in Lebanon

Lebanon is an important destination for global tourism as it presents a combination of the ancient with the modern.

It is one of the most captivating countries in the Middle East. The airport in Lebanon receives lots of tourists owing to the cheap flights to Lebanon offered occasionally to reach this fascinating destination.

The security in Lebanon is comparatively fragile and so the travelers exercising caution, avoiding rallies and monitoring new reports can travel safely. Though, the airports observe security and screening of baggage, yet the lapse is found to some small extent.

Tripoli is considered to be the best place to visit in Lebanon. The only airport in Lebanon makes this airport a significant place for the tourists entering Lebanon.

List of Top Airports in Lebanon
Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport (BEY) Kleyate (KYE)

Moreover, the culture of the region and the local history makes it a notable destination. Cheap flights to Lebanon are obtainable only in the flights scheduled for late night. The modern terminal has 23 gates and out of this 21 have jetways, while only two of them have dual jetway gates particularly for large aircrafts. The east wing has 1-12 gates suitable for large aircraft and gates 4 and 22 are specific gates for bus boarding.

This terminal has the capacity of handling 6 million passengers. The arrival area is in the ground level, the departure level is the 2nd level, and the airline lounge is 3rd level with administration office in the 4th level.The situation in Lebanon can be sensitive at times. The Beirut International Airport is the only Lebanon international airport and is therefore the hub of all international tourists. The national carrier is the Middle East Airlines.

Other airlines such as Air France, Cyprus Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, EgyptAir, Lufthansa, Gulf Air, Malaysia Airlines, Syrian Arab Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airline and Turkish Airlines serve this Lebanon international airport. It is better to avoid booking air tickets in Lebanon as they are very expensive. The airports are equipped with payphones at strategic locations.

The Muslim and Christian prayer rooms are in the second level in the departure area.

Airport Hotels in Lebanon