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Airports in Tahiti , Airlines in Tahiti

Tahiti is better known as French Polynesia, located in the Pacific Ocean. There is a beauty in this island that can be felt only if a person visits this island.

There is only one airport in Tahiti namely the Faa’a international airport. This single airport is the entrance for all the tourists entering this island.

This airport receives tourists all around the year. There are times when the inflow of tourists is quite large, but the airport is able to accommodate them. Cheap flights to Tahiti is offered from neighboring countries at rare occasions.

The Faa’a International airport is a promising Tahiti international airport situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from Pape’ete in the western direction. The city of Pape’ete is the capital of Tahiti.

List of Top Airports in Tahiti

International tourists have to check themselves in at the eastern end of this terminal. There are numerous cheap flights to Tahiti and these flights touch down at this terminal. This airport is managed by the Setil Airport Company. Despite being the solitary airport of Tahiti, this airport appears somewhat lazy.

It is however, well organized and clean. It even serves international carriers, inter island and even charter flights.The island of Tahiti is a good place to visit and this is the reason for lots of airlines offering accessibility. Tahiti is connected to places such as Los Angeles, Auckland, Honolulu and numerous other islands in the Pacific Ocean.This island does not charge any departure tax.

The Tahiti international airport is served by airlines such as Air France, Air Tahiti Nui, Air New Zealand, Corsair, Aircalin, Hawaiian Airlines, Qantas and LAN. The features available in the airports are limited. But, the security is alert always and hence expects its passengers to reach the airport minimum two hours before the departure of the flight.

The airport in Tahiti usually remains busy as there are many flights connecting this airport with the other important destinations in the world.

Airport Hotels in Tahiti